Next Matter helps you complete your tasks hassle-free.


Watch this tutorial to dive right in.

Complete tasks

When you get a task assigned, simply open your Next Matter portal or link to the instance, add the required data, and click Complete.

How to find tasks

When you receive a task to complete, we let you know through multiple channels.

  • We send you an email with a link to the task
  • We show you your tasks in Next Matter Inbox
    A screenshot of the inbox with tasks highlighted

Start a workflow on the go

If needed, you can start a workflow. This might happen when you need to log a bug or report an issue. In such a case, you can start the workflow from the Workflows tab by clicking the icon on the right of the workflow name

or simply scan an available bar code (it might be useful for warehouses).

Ask questions or add comments

Next Matter workflows are interactive, so whenever you have a question related to the step, you can start a conversation.

Conversation allows you to ask questions, tag team members, and resolve any issues you might have.