Integrate with Microsoft

You can integrate with Microsoft suite to get data in and out of the workflow.

Start by integrating a specific Microsoft app in Next Matter.

  1. Set up your Next Matter account

    • Create an account: Sign up for Next Matter and set up your workspace.
  2. Set up Microsoft SSO to be able to login to Next Matter with your Microsoft account

    • Provide Next Matter with Tenant ID so that we can verify it for the SSO
  3. Connect Microsoft services in Next Matter in Automations library (one click connection)


Use a specific Microsoft user (or a service account) to easily control what files and sites Next Matter has access to. Such a user could be called [email protected] or [email protected]. This way you can integrate all files and Sharepoint sites the connected account has access to.
Note that we connect Microsoft apps separately so that you can control permissions and access better. The default connection is read and write however it can be limited on your end.

  1. Setup Teams channel for Next Matter in your workspace
  • Whitelist Next Matter domain ( -> MSFT Teams admin
  • Create Next Matter as a webhook in Teams (... > Connectors > Incoming webhook)
  1. Explore Next Matter templates for Microsoft (available in Next Matter) and the webhook feature to build workflows