August release notes

Build your perfect summer workflows with new step templates...

Update your profile picture

Need to put different vibes on your profile picture? Now you can update it whenever you want. Simply go to your Profile settings and upload a new photo, nice and quick.

Integrate in seconds with Webhook trigger

Your new feature – Webhook – simplifies the process of integrating different systems to automate your workflows. With the new webhook trigger feature, a workflow starts automatically when an event occurs on a different platform such as a customer response on a customer support ticket or a change to the application status in an applicant tracking system.

Simply, provide the webhook URL, test, and you're good to go.

You can also analyze the webhook response payload and extract useful variables that you can use in further steps of the workflow.

Here's a short read on how to use Webhook triggers

Self-service password reset

No need to call us when you need to create or update a password. You can do it yourself in your Profile settings. Simply pick a new password and change it hassle-free.

Search for a folder in Google Drive with a new step template

Step templates help you build your workflow in minutes. Now, you can create a workflow that searches for a folder in Google Drive. All folders with a matching name are displayed, and you can use the folder ID as a variable to use in subsequent steps.

When you edit a workflow, you can find all step templates by clicking + Add step > Step templates.

Restrict your user selection

Workflow manager
Workflow builder

Too wide of a choice? That's no longer the issue. Now, when you're creating a workflow, you can restrict the user selection drop-down to specific users or user groups. This way, when users select from the drop-down, they will only see what's relevant to them.

And if you're a workflow manager, you can easily select which team member to assign a task to without the hassle of scanning a long list of users. This prevents mistakes to be made and saves you those precious minutes.