May comes with new no-code step actions and a faster way to extract variables!

Create a no-code message in Front

If you use Front as your customer-facing tool, make sure to use our new no-code Front step action, and create automated messages directly from your workflow. The messages will show in Front signed with the selected team signature.

For details on details on Front no-code actions, see No code Front actions.

Select and create variables in seconds

We have changed the way you create variables in our no-code operations (for Google Sheets, Zendesk, and Front). Now, instead of having to provide them manually, you select the ones you need from the dropdown! Nice and easy, right?

However, if you still want to add variables yourself, you can do that. Simply type the input in the field!

Create or delete a spreadsheet without the code hassle

Now you can automatically create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet and fill it up with data in the following step. Takes exactly a second - select an action, provide the name, and you're all set.
You can later use the sheet name as a re-usable variable.
Happy no-coding!

If needed, you can also select to delete a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will then be automatically moved to Google Sheets Trash.
For details on Google Sheet no-code actions, see Integrate with Google Sheets.