More no-code integrations...

Select multiple data references faster

Now there is no need to click the {} icon to select data references one at a time. You can select multiple data references without ever leaving the selector. Simply click the data references and add as many as you need.

Next Matter templates will gradually become no-code actions

Over the next months we'll be transforming Next Matter templates into no-code actions. This will help you adopt solutions faster and easier - the templates will focus on you selecting tasks from the dropdown instead of adapting our API.
You can find the new no-code operations in Integrations > Next Matter action and the templates that focus on formulas and calculations in Integrations > Quick action.

We have released the Calculate formula no-code operation as first on the list of our no-code additions, which you can find in Quick action. Use this step to perform quick calculations on numbers or data references. For details, see Calculations and comparisons.

In case, you want to quickly stop instances, we've also got you covered. Use the Next Matter action (Stop instance) for that. Check out the details here.

Excel Get range as a new no-code action

No-code steps are quick and easy to set up, and as such are essential to efficient building of complex workflows. We already have several in our no-code collection, and now are a new one for Excel. The step will enable you to quickly pull data from a range of cells in your Excel workbook. For details, see Excel no-code.