Use this integration to automate any interaction with your own Amazon Redshift database.

Set up the integration

In your workspace navigate to the "Company" tab and access the Integrations section. Activate the Redshift integration by providing the required information for accessing your database. Please contact your database admin if you need info about how to fill these fields.

set up the redshift integration

Note: outside connections need to be allowed for your AWS Redshift. You can find more info about how to allow outside connections on this AWS support page.

Using the integration

Once the connection has been established you can now start using the integration in your processes. The Redshift integration step is available in the process editor when you add a new step.

For configuring the Redshift integration step, all you need is the query that you want to run. We support a subset of all standard PostgreSQL queries with one query per integration step (nested queries and subselects are now allowed)





You can use data references to dynamically build your query and fill it with values from your process instance.

You can also store query results in variables for using them later in the process.

Note: In order to not overload the process, there are security restrictions in place.

The query will only return a maximum of hundred rows. We recommend using an ORDER BY statement in your query so that you can control which hundred rows will be returned.

Queries that are very complex and run longer than one minute are not supported.

If you need support to run queries without these restrictions please contact your customer success team.

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