The Next Matter Home Tab ("Dashboard"), shows a calculation of how much time Next Matter saves every week. This article explains how the figure is calculated and why it matters so much for operations teams.


Why it Matters


(Steps completed this week x 3 minutes) / 60 = Hours saved this week

Each Next Matter step automates many aspects of operations at once

  • Writing a task? Automated.

  • Assigning it to the right person or team? Automated

  • Explaining them how to do it right? Automated

  • Follow-ups? Automated

  • Escalations? Automated

  • Keeping the team in the loop? Automated

  • Updating the spreadshet tracker? Automated

  • Remembering to do the quarterly budget adjustment? Automated

  • Validating customer input? Automated

  • Writing the auditor report? Automated

  • ...

We can continue this list, but it is usually obvious that these aspects are painful.

So why 3 minutes?

Not only time saved on the activity itself counts but also the hidden cost of lost focus and employee overwhelm. Research indicates, that one context switch alone costs 23 minutes and decreases overall employee satisfaction and health.

Certainly, your very own Next Matter use cases might lead to a different minute average per step, but looking at the research and having analyzed and discussed this with our customers over and over again we are confident that this figure is conservative.

Why it Matters

Managing operations is hard enough as is, adding grunt work on top makes it one of the hardest and most overwhelming jobs in the corporate world. Companies that think about automation early, can focus on the work that allows them to get ahead in an era of fierce competition and ever-increasing demands.

So next time you look at the number, you can be proud of the automation results that your teams benefit from every day.

We love this topic - do reach out to us if you have any questions or further inspiration for the Next Matter team or fellow operations leaders.

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