Next Matter External Steps allows you to seamlessly work together with your customers, partners and suppliers.

Ready in three easy steps:

  1. Setup Access: Select any process step that needs to be completed by someone outside of your organization (“external user”).

  2. Share Access: Share a unique access link with the external user. This can be fully automated via our integrations.

  3. Receive Results: Collaborate seamlessly with the external user and instantly use the input they provide to continue work internally.


1. Setup Access

  • Create the step that needs to be completed by someone outside your company in the process editor (you can use all building blocks from Next Matter, including data references to build the step).

  • Assign the step to an “External user”.

  • Reference the unique URL to that step with the curly brackets {} icon and share it on a channel of choice.

2. Share Access

Share the referenced URL automatically via email, text message, Zendesk, Hubspot ticket or any other preferred channel with the external user. You can find how it works in our integration tutorials or by reaching out to the support team directly.

3. Receive results

What external users see

  • After clicking on the link, external users see a page that features only the information contained within that specific step, your company name and logo.

  • External users can start and complete work immediately or come back later. Work can be accessed on mobile and desktop devices.

  • External users cannot navigate through the other steps of the process. They can only access the single step that has been shared with them, meaning that sensitive data shared in other steps is safe and secure.


Done - external access connected

  • A confirmation screen is shown to the external user upon completion of the step.

  • The internal person, team or system assigned to the next step will be notified immediately so that they can proceed with the process.

  • The external user is able to use the same link to return to the step to view the data they've entered as long as the process is active.



Do I have to know the external user in advance?

No, you can decide while a process instance is running who the participating external user (customer, partner, supplier) will be. For example, you can do this by providing the name and email or phone number of that external user in an earlier step of the process.

Can I trust that the user will only see what they need to see?

Yes, external users are only able to see the step assigned to them, plus your company logo and name. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, you can choose to display additional contextual information from the earlier steps of the process via work instructions if you wish.

Can the external user still access the step after completing it?

External users can access the step for as long as the process instance is still in progress. If they open the link, they will see the data they entered along with a confirmation screen.
Once the process instance is completed, the link expires.

Can the external user still edit the step after completing it?

Once a user has completed a step, they are no longer able to edit their input. For security reasons, only process leads and organization admins are able to edit input shared by an external user.

Are the links safe?

Yes, the link is a unique one-time link that expires upon completion of the process.
It cannot be guessed, because we apply backend security checks to prevent perpetrator access. You can even add an additional identification safety question to the step (e.g., date of birth or user ID), which makes it safer than most other communication systems (e.g., email).

Does the page work on mobile?

Of course, all functionality - including full mobile access - from action and decision steps can be used as normal.

Can I embed the external step page in my own applications?

Yes, you can automatically launch an instance and retrieve the public link to the external step through our public API. The step link can then be embedded in your own applications or websites with an iframe, for example.

Can I remove the Next Matter branding?

It is possible to remove the “Powered by Next Matter” branding for Enterprise customers upon individual agreement. Please reach out to the Customer Success team or check our pricing page for more information.

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