Next Mattter offers full flexibility to send data that was collected in Next Matter instances to other applications. A common scenario is handing over data to Zapier or Integromat, that can then be used to integrate with other applications.

Below you can find a description for a short sample scenario using Zapier.

Step 1: Create a Webhook in Zapier and set the event to "Catch Hook". Copy the webhook URL

Step 2: Head over to the process editor in Next Matter and create a new "integration step". Here is an example.

The Configuration can be as follows:

Method: Post
URL: [The URL of the Webhook that you just created]
Header: Content-type: application/json


in the case of Zapier, a self defined set of comma-separated variables. Below an example from the screenshot above, using

  • the name of the instance (a full list of available variables is linked here)

  • the url to the Next Matter process instance

  • the user name of the creator

  • A data referenced string input field from the process (Name)

  • A data referenced number input field from the process (Favorite Number)


{ "titleofprocess": "{{instance_name}}", "linktoinstance": "{{instance_url}}", "creator": "{{instance_lead_user}}", "name": "{1. Enter some data - Name - Input}", "favorite_number": "{1. Enter some data - Favorite Number - Input}" }

In the Next Matter editor, create an integration step. Sample screenshot below.

Step 3: Run a Next Matter process instance to test the connection. You can freely re-use the data received for any further action.

Here is a short summary of the entire setup flow.

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