Imagine you're a onboarding a new customer and part of the process is to get some legal paper work ready. Instead of doing that as part of the entire customer onboarding process flow you can instead trigger a sub-process directly in Next Matter.

First step: Create the new process

Create the sub-process that you want to run going forward and note the id. The id can be found in the URL of the process, see screenshot.

Step 2: Figure out the point where the new process needs to be launched

Insert an "http request" in the process at the point where you want to trigger the other sub-process and configure it.

You can also use our step templates to create the required steps


Content-type application/json
Authorization Api-Key YOURKEY

{ "name": "NAMEOFTHEINSTANCE", "process": "" }

  • If you don't have an Api-Key yet, you can get it from Next Matter Support

  • The number in the URL can be taken from step 1 above

  • The name of the instance can be static or data referenced with information from the process (e.g. title of the instance + something else)

Thats it. If there are any questions around this, please reach out to us directly.


Successful launch example:

HTTP Request configuration example screenshot:

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