Want to create a summary of your Next Matter workflow? With our Google Sheet Integration it is easy to create a custom and fully automated log directly from your Next Matter process.

Here is an example for an invoice template where three fields are automatically populated. Of course all the rest can be automated too from the process, we just wanted to keep the animation brief for you.

Here is how it is done. Please note that this is an advanced Next Matter functionality. We're happy to help you with the configuration.

  1. Connect to Google Sheets via Settings --> Integrations --> Connect Google Sheets

  2. Create a new spreadsheet with your template

  3. Create a new Integration Step in the desired Next Matter process

  4. Configure the request to populate the template

Configuration Parameters.

POST https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/[SPREADSHEET ID]/values/[SHEET TAB]![RANGE]:append?valueInputOption=USER_ENTERED

[SPREADSHEET ID] = You can find this directly in the URL of the Google Sheet
[TAB] = Name of the sheet tab you want to use as the destination, followed by an exclamation mark
[RANGE] = Destination cell range to write data

{"range": "[SHEET TAB]![RANGE]", "majorDimension": "ROWS", "values": [ ["[CELL1]","[CELL2]"]]}

[CEll1],[CELL2] etc. = The content you want to write into the respective row of the Google Sheet, you can add as many as you like as long as it fits the range entered

Configuration example from the video

POST https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/1gtxyL_BrnGES8ITrY2g7IIkT2cyjq982Tbln-jWZFz8/values/Next_Matter!A2:C2:append?valueInputOption=USER_ENTERED

Preconfigured Integration: GOogle Sheets

{"range": "Next_Matter!A2:C2", "majorDimension": "ROWS", "values": [["{1. Process Content - Order Number - Input}","{1. Process Content - Street and Address - Input}","{1. Process Content - Email Address - Input}"]]}

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