Want to inform your team about a new purchase order request? Want feedback for the upcoming product launch design?

You can automatically send a customized message to a Google Chat room at any point in your Next Matter process.

Follow these steps to automatically inform your team about your work progress:

Create the Next Matter Bot in your Google Chat room

  1. Navigate to the room and click the arrow next to the name on top

  2. Select "Manage Webhooks"

  3. Name the Bot, e.g. "Next Matter"

  4. Add a picture (optional), you can use the URL of this Next Matter Logo for example

  5. Copy the link you receive after clicking on "Save"

Create the Automation in your Next Matter process

  1. Open the process editor of the process.

  2. Add the "HTTP Request" at the intended point

  3. Select the "gear" on the right hand side to configure the message

  4. Select "POST" and as URL copy the Webhook URL from the previous step

  5. Create the message in the body, of course you can use data referencing to insert process information

{"text":"HELLO WORLD"}

Done. Enjoy your automatic Google Chat room message whenever the process is executed. One less manual handover that you/your team needs to worry about.

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